Ravi Dubey’s new look from Jamai Raja is sure to scare you

Television’s favorite Jamai Raja aka Ravi Dubey was creating audiences fall in love with him due to their fine performances.

The celebrity , who’s donned umpteen amount of personalities. The older spirit will scare Kareena (Shagun Ajmani) and Payal (Mouli Ganguly) as a part of Satya and Mahi (Shiny Doshi)’s strategy by to divert them from their home.¬† Ravi was previously seen essaying the functions of a teenaged man, a senior citizen, a sadhu, an outdated Maharashtrian girl (Jyoti Tai), a Rajasthani guy, a Pathan, a Sardar plus a Tapori.

While speaking to us about his trip on the series and his various appearances, Ravi Dubey stated, “Constantly functioning in a daily soap , Afternoon in-day outside , for over a few years , may become mundane for a few. However ‘Jamai Raja’ was a very aesthetically pleasing experience as every month or two, I had been presented with a brand new challenge which had me pushing my boundaries as a celebrity beyond and further. Within about 3 decades of this series , I’ve donned near 20 avatars, each having a different dialect ,body language and appearance. I’m really fortunate as a celebrity to get this enormous opportunity.

The travel was beautiful, filled with innovative adrenaline and an wonderful adventure. Hope the audiences enjoy my final avatar on the series too. I’m quite thankful to Zee TV, the manufacturers of this series and my faithful audiences.” A couple of days back, Ravi’s wife and favorite celebrity Sargun Mehta had shared with a movie clip shocasing Ravi’s nice acting abilities in an episode of Jamai Raja and really, he’s undoubtedly among the best actors on Television. The series is all set to bid adieu to enthusiasts around 3rd March.


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